Reactions to Classmates Projects

5. The documentary  “Super Size me” Super Size Me shows how filmmaker Morgan Spurlock attempts a month-long diet consisting solely of McDonald’s menu items in order to see the effects of fast food on a person’s health. In a 30-day window, he must eat three complete meals from McDonald’s each day. Image result

4.” Into the Abyss”  is a documentary film written and directed by Werner Herzog about two men convicted of a triple homicide which occurred in Conroe, Texas. Michael Perry received a death sentence for the crime, and the documentary focused on the different perspectives, one from the killers, and one from the victims. Image result for into the abyss documentary

3. “Rich Hill” is another documentary, and on three teenage boys who grow up in small town environments around drugs, prison and poverty.  The film shows how the teenage boys view themselves, though they are considered poor from everyone else, however, they view themselves rich because they have more then others who are lower.

2. . The film “Undefeated” documents the struggles of a high school football team, the Manassas Tigers of Memphis, as they attempt a winning season after years of losses. The team is turned around by coach Bill Courtney, who helps form a group of young men into an academic and athletic team

  1. The hunting ground is a documentary on a group of college students   who get raped on campus, they ultimately fight for justice till the end, long and hard.

Prescription Drug

After watching “Prescription Thugs” and “Top pro and Con Quote” the pharmaceutical industry has been making more of an impact on patients prescribed to over the counter drugs. Although pharmaceutical drugs can have its cons of why not to take it, it also has its pros. DTCA which is direct-to-consumer-advertisements can motivate patients to go to the physicians get regularly checked up and ultimately lead to caring about their health.  Going to ones physicians can call attention to what needs to be prescribed, what catches the doctors attention, then is prescribed by a doctor. On the other hand there is also con to the previous example. For example, if one went to the physician for the condition of ADHD and gets prescribed to adderall to help focus, but then takes another type of pharmaceutical drug because of the effects of the adderall leading to taking an excessive amount of pain killers like narco, viagra, etrc.  Personally, my stance on this issue is that if one has pain in the bones, if one is suffering of some kind of mental conditions like being bipolar, depressed or something that can hurt the overall health soon, then they should be prescribed pharmaceutical drugs because that person absolutely needs that to be healthy.  I don’t agree however, with the abusing pharmaceutical drugs for stupid reasons, like in the movie “Prescriptions Thugs”, Chris someone who was abusing drugs for no reason, for just being addicted to them, he didn’t have a mental condition or disability. Before Chris ended up like his brother, which was dying from abusing over the counter drugs, realized it was wrong and very dangerous for his health in the long run and stopped right on time. Overall, Pharmaceutical prescriptions are dangerous on whose hands they land in, doctors shouldn’t be blamed for ones abuse.

Muhammad Ali

“Float Like A butterfly, Sting like a bee”  As Muhammad Ali used to say.  Muhammad grew up in the south, where he was always segregated from the whites, he experienced racial prejudices first hand, but that didn’t stop him from his bright future ahead.  Muhammad Ali was an African American professional boxer, the first to win a heavyweight championship three times. Muhammad Ali is universally known as  one of the greatest athlete of the 20th century. Muhammad became an Olympic gold medalist 1960. Ali’s record prove that he was the best in boxing with 56 wins, only five loses, and 37 knockouts at the age 39 before he retired. After his retirement, Ali suffered from Parkinson’s disease, later he passed away on June 3, 2016. Although, Ali passed sooner then anyone would’ve of liked, he left motivation and inspiration for everyone.  I think that Muhammad Ali was not only an Inspiration to the whole black community, but to other athletes as well. I say that because, during that time Ali was still facing racism during the era just because he was a black man exceeding others expectations. I also think that he motivated other black athletes, into not letting the color of your skin stop you from being whatever you want. In the video below Ali shows how t

Social Questions Answered

What is your social issue?  

My Social Issue is Domestic Terrorism, this is when a U.S Citizen commits an act of terror but doesn’t get called that because they are are not apart of foreign group but they should have a punishment for U.S citizens that committed terrorist attacks.

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? 

This is a Social issue because it happens frequently,  people disagree with this topic with statements like “U.S Citizens” “Arent apart of Foreign Groups” “We didnt know the attackers Intenetions”

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution? 

My Solution is that there should be a charge for U.S citizens, it shouldn’t be just because of the color of your skin, or where your from. There should be an equal punishment. This is the best solution because it will have equal justice for all.

What are pros to your solution?

Pros are that it will give equal punishment, terrorist will be charged rightful for what they did.

What are cons to your solution?

Cons are people can fight many different things or make up excuses for why the attackers did what they want like say the attacker has a mental illness or that no one knows their intentions.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions) 

Can you think of a time where a terror act was committed but not called a terrorist attack because of color skin?

What do you think domestic terrorism is?

Favorites Commercials Super Bowl 2018

This was one of my favorite commercials because it has my girl Cardi B in it. I also loved this commercial because it was funny and made me want invest in getting an Alexa from amazon so that was obviously the point of the commercial was to entertain and at the end persuade you into buying alexa. Anything with Cardi B is a hit because she is whats new right now and shes so funny and cute. This commercial was defiantly intended to entertain and persuade everyone.

This was another Super Bowl Commercial that I loved so much.  I think the purpose of this commercial was to keep the viewers attention, and send a message to anyone experiencing a obstacle, no matter if your an athlete or not, you should always keep going and never quit like Lindsey Vonn winter Olympian, who experienced a traumatic injury when competing. She continued to work hard in recovery and ended up being a legend. This commercial made me realize that hard work is everything, it also made me become very motivated for me in soccer and school. I think the intended audience was to everyone, but also especially to athletes.

This commercial was my second favorite because it had Odell Beckham Jr in it who recently also got injured ans is working hard in recovery getting ready for next season. This commercial entertained me with the men dancing because it was funny but also made me excited for the next Superbowl which was the point of the video. It also, again, motivated me because Odell also dealt with a hard injury and overcame it. I think the attended audience was to everyone, but more to athletes.

PlayDough Meaning

For my English class we had to make something that represents you as a person and that connects to the topic one is doing. For me, I choose a heart and my five family members. I choose the heart to represent that I love my family, and with Love it makes your soul beautiful not only inside but out. Love can also heal. My family gives me abundant love and it makes me feel grateful because some don’t have everything I do. I try everyday to better myself not only for my family but for my friends, teammates, and teachers. I also Incorporated my family because without them i wouldn’t have the motivation to work hard in school, or in my sport. My Family is my support system, we motivate each other to get through the day, to accomplish goals. I am family orientated, so they’ll always come first and i cant imagine what i would do without them. This ties in with what i’m researching for my English topic because domestic terrorism doesn’t only effect the attacker but the families of the lost ones that get taken away from them by a terror attack. It effects the family because they don’t have that loved one and they see the attacker doesn’t get the punishment they deserve, the justice isn’t their for hurting families. Again, like i said, i cant imagine what life would be like if a loved one was taken away from me by someone with so much anger to act an a terror attack.

Abortion Data

Abortion is a topic of controversy, many believe it is wrong, it should be illegal, its not religious to get an abortion and should never be a choice. Others believe it is okay and should be the mothers choice. Overall the statistics of whether abortion is acceptable. 38% vote pro life, meaning no abortion for the unborn child. 62% vote pro choice, meaning the mother has the choice. In Illinois the data change a bit, 36% voted pro life, and 64% pro choice. In Chicago, it change a bit more then Illinois, 28% voted pro life and 72% voted pro choice. According to the data for Democrats, they are very against pro life which had voted only 12%percent and pro choice had 88%. Republicans however, voted 68%for pro life, and pro choice voted 32%. For Race, the population White voted 42% pro life, and %58 pro choice. The African American race voted 38% pro life and 62% pro choice, Comparing the White Race and Black race, Whites are more for Pro Life than the Black race. Income differences, an Income of $100k- $150k is more pro choice (62%) then pro life which was %38. In comparison to someone who doesn’t win as much like the example used previously like $25k-50k, had more votes for again, pro choice which was 58%, but pro life came close to 42%.  Lastly, education brings controversy, data shows that people with less then high school education shows 41% pro life, and 59% pro choice. Compared to someone with higher education like a doctorate, shows they are not for pro life voting only 32% pro life and 68% pro choice. Overall,Pro choice was always beaten and the highest was only 42%. Abortion is a touchy subject and bring much controversy. 

Positive News!

On November 18, 2017, Jacob Eign was spending outside when he noticed a group of deer, after the deer noticing the man, they fled the scene except  for one. The deer in the picture had his antlers stuck in a tree. After Jacob got close to the frantic deer,  he observed the situation and began to think of ways he could help. Initially, Jacob tried to free the deer himself without s chainsaw, but couldn’t. Eventually, Jacob went to his house, asked his dad to bring a chainsaw out to free the deer, and just like that, the deer was free!

Man Whips Out Chainsaw in Middle Of Night to Free Deer Whose Antlers Got Tangled in Tree